merkur classic shaving

MERKUR. Classic shaving

  • “This razor is perfect because of its fine craftsmanship and weight. I also appreciate that this razor, my second of the same model bought 10+ years earlier, came with very helpful care instructions … I find this razors weight to be helpful, because it feels like an extension of my hand, and also discourages quick movements that can result in cuts.”

    Charles Norton, 7/9/2020
  • “The Merkur Razor is a serious enough investment that I purchased a case, as soon as they became available. The case is very well made; the material is durable; and the case should last.“

    C. Norton, 9/7/2020
  • “MERKUR - PROGRESS is amasing razor. Great quality and price for the set with carrying case and 10 blades.”

    Igor P., 9/8/2020
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The MERKUR safety razor can be used for a variety of applications - from classic and body to hair and intimate shaving. It’s up to you to master it!
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