Merkur - DE Safety Razor 34C HD, Straight Guard, German (9034001)

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The MERKUR razor 34C is also known among fans by the abbreviation “HD”, short for Heavy Duty. The safety razor has earned this compliment over the past 80 years due to its massive weight. But the 34C also has a soulful side: with a few razors you will be able to remove your hair more gently than with this classic.

2 Reviews

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    My fourth Merkut and I'm hooked!

    Posted by Michael Wartenbee on 12th Oct 2022

    I started with this razor and I have tried several different since but this is still the best one. Trust me, this is the one and you will never look back.

  • 5
    Great shave

    Posted by Adam Schwartz on 1st Apr 2022

    Best shave I've ever had, and it's so much cheaper than replacing razor cartridges.

Material: Brass handle, die-cast zinc razor head, electroplated surfaces, bright chrome
Blade Description: closed comb, straight cut
Handle Lock: Long screw, two-piece razor
Handle Diameter: 1.2
Dimensions: 4.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.3 cm


The head of the plane is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process, as this enables very precise manufacturing tolerances and complex shapes. In order to ensure a comfortable weight distribution, we only use brass for the handle. The chrome finish protects the razor from corrosion and underlines the high-quality design.


A safety razor with a closed comb is the all-rounder for classic wet shaving. You will intuitively feel the correct setting angle of your plane and immediately admire the best shaving results. The generous blade gap enables a high flow of soap and thus protects the razor head from being clogged with cut hair or foam residues.