Merkur - Razor FUTUR 700, Adjustable Safety Razor, Brushed, German (90700002)

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The MERKUR FUTUR 700 is a timeless work of art. After you have attached a razor blade with the Duo Clip, all you need to do is turn the handle to adjust the angle of attack and the blade gap exactly to your needs. Depending on the length of the hair and the shape of the day, you will always have a flawless shave. Also, available in basic and premium starter kits with shaving brush, soap and blades.


Material: Die-cast zinc, electroplated surfaces, matt chrome
Blade Description: closed comb, straight cut, adjustable blade gap
Handle Lock: Fixed handle, blade change with duo clip
Handle Diameter: 1.4
Dimensions: 5.2 cm x 2.6 cm x 11 cm
Made in Solingen, Germany


The MERKUR FUTUR is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process. A zinc alloy is pressed into a mold under high pressure. We opted for this method because it enables minimal manufacturing tolerances and detailed surfaces. The galvanic coating protects the safety razor from corrosion and gives it its unique appearance.


The ability to rotate the handle adjusts the distance between the blade and the comb and adjusts the thoroughness of the shave to your personal preferences. Thanks to the numbering, you can easily find your preferred position again. For example, you have the option of working long hair with a large blade gap, while the daily face shave can be done with a gentle blade setting.