The Normandy Pocket Finger Nail Clipper

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Normandy Pocket Finger Nail Clip is a thin body nail clip with a unique design that keeps it very flat when closed so it is not bulky in pants pockets.

  • When open, the "Normandy" achieves great leverage to clip tough nails easily and it includes a cut steel nail file with a nail cleaner tip.
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel with a satin finish. 
  • An extremely popular design that was just re-introduced by Dreiturm/Germany.
  • Includes leather slip case...

Being a guitar player, I know the value of well trimmed finger nails. It is many a song that has been disrupted by the loud and harsh twang of a nail catching on a string! That is why you will find a stainless steel "Normandy" Nail Clipper in my case as part of my standard equipment, right up there with extra strings.